Renewable Energy for Your Community

In a time where rising taxes, dwindling public funds and bankrupt communities have become commonplace, local renewable energy projects have emerged as a proven method to bring prosperity back where it belongs – the local communities and towns.

Whether it’s installing solar panels on the town hall or building a wind turbine that powers neighborhood businesses, harnessing clean and local energy can lower costs for you and your town, create jobs, drive economic growth, and create funds for community reinvestments.

Lower Energy Costs

What would lower energy costs mean for your town? By spending less on energy costs, more resources can be given to the projects that really matter, including schools, hospitals, community programs, roads, parks, and more.

Fuel Economic Growth

Neighborhood businesses that can take advantage of local, cheap, and clean renewable energy can reduce their operational costs and bottom line. This fuels economic growth, translating into profitability and economic growth for your community.

Reinvest in Community

To ensure that everyone benefits from a renewable project, Emergent shares the profits from every project it works on with the local community. Revenue from each project is sent toward a Community Reinvestment Fund, which can then be spent on an endeavor of your choice. Whether it’s creating a new school program, renovating a park, or improving roads, local renewable energy projects developed by Emergent will leave a positive impact on your community.

Take Action Today!

Do you have a great idea for a local renewable energy project? Give us a call at (617) 764-0206 or email us at profit (at)

Harnessing clean and local energy can lower costs for you and your town, create jobs, drive economic growth, and generate funds for important community reinvestments.

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