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Emergent Energy Group helps renewable energy projects succeed in the real world.

Through a transparent, community-based development process, we find holistic energy and sustainability solutions to address your technical, environmental, and economic challenges. Our team works within your community to help you profit from locally available resources.

Our Story

Emergent Energy Group was founded as a wind energy consulting firm in the basement of Tilton Hall at Tufts University in 2006. Through 4 years of consulting experience, we had the unique opportunity to witness the challenges that developers and communities face, and the reasons behind the demise of many feasible projects. In 2010, we set out to solve this problem, and developed a set of unique financial and social tools that align the motivations of the developer with the needs of the community. We are currently working to prove our model in our home state of Massachusetts.

You can continue to watch the story unfold on our blog.

Our Vision

America is currently struggling with two key economic issues in a global world: our industry is leaving because of rising costs, and our costs are rising because we are so heavily dependent on foreign fuel sources. This vicious cycle has contributed to a rapidly shrinking tax base and an equally expanding budget deficit.

With renewable energy, we have an opportunity to regain control on a local, grassroots level. Renewable energy technology gives us a unique opportunity to harness and profit off of the resources that we have at home. By producing energy where we use it we can lower our energy costs. And by lowering our energy costs, we make it possible for industry to prosper once again.

We believe that distributed power generated from renewable energy resources through creative, sustainable ventures will lead to the true fulfillment of an Energy Democracy, when all American communities are economically strong, resilient, and thriving.

Come live, act, and prosper sustainably with us.

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